Weaving Gallery

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diamond twill

diamond twill with bamboo warp and wool weft

Falkirk Tartan

Falkirk Tartan in Shetland

broken diamond twill 2

Broken diamond twill in Shetland

broken diamond twill with carded weft

Broken diamond twill with Shetland warp and carded wool/mohair blend weft

point twill in shetland and cotton

Point twill with Shetland warp and mercerized cotton weft

reverse twill stripe in shetland

Herringbone twill stripe in 2-ply Shetland

basket weave in shetland

Basket weave in  in 2-ply Shetland

half basket weave in shetland and lopi

Half basket weave in 2-ply Shetland and Lopi

small point twill in shetland

Small point twill in 2-ply Shetland

rippenkoper in shetland 3

Rippenköper in 2-ply Shetland

diamond twill in cotton

Diamond twill in 8/2 cotton

blue wool diamond twill

Diamond twill with stripe in lambswool

double rams horn in cotton

tablet weaving in embroidery cotton

wheat sheaf in bamboo

tablet weaving in bamboo

Border tartan

Border Tartan in wool and bamboo

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